Identifying Child Abuse and Neglect: The Abused Child in Residential Care

The law also protects children who live in group residential care facilities under the jurisdiction of the State Office of Children and Family Services; State Division for Youth; State Office of Mental Hygiene; State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities; and State Education Department. The definition of abuse in these settings is virtually identical to the definition of abuse in a family setting.

In addition, the law specifically applies to an individual with a handicapping condition who is eighteen years of age or older, who is defined as an abused child in residential care, and who is in residential care in the New York State School for the Blind (Batavia, New York); the New York State School for the Deaf (Rome, New York); a private school that has been approved by the commissioner of education for special education services or programs; a special act school district; or a state-supported institution for the instruction of the deaf or the blind that has a residential component.