The NYSPCC regularly receives press and other media requests for comment and to share its expertise on matters pertaining to child welfare and child protection that may be current in the news.

Click on the links below to view media interviews with, and articles by,  The NYSPCC's Executive Director, Dr. Mary L. Pulido, on important topics  concerning child safety and well being.


2014 Press

April 2014 -- - When the Bully Is Your Kid

3/27/14 -- Fresh 102.7 FM interview with Deb Gordon -- "This Week On FM Magazine: Protecting Children From Abuse w/ Dr. Mary Pulido"

3/26/14 -- -- "You Can Make a Difference in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect"

3/20/14 -- -- "How to Identify Bullying and Cyber Bullying"

2/28/14 -- -- "Leading Causes of Injury Death Among Children: What Parents Need to Know"

2/19/14 -- Recap of David Patrick Columbia's lunch with Dr. Mary L. Pulido & Dr. Penny Grant on the New York Social Diary

1/24/14 -- Dr. Mary L. Pulido's commentary on a case featured in & Journal News Westchester -- "Mount Pleasant Police Chief Brian Fanelli tossed from church teaching after child-porn charges" 

1/9/14 -- -- "Internet Child Pornography: Who is at the Keyboard?" 

1/2/14 -- -- "Stop Bullying: Teach Your Child Empathy and Limit Their Intake of Violence"


2013 Press

12/18/13 -- -- "Helping Your Child If They Bully: Action Steps for Parents"

12/5/13 -- -- "River Vale resident earns Girl Scout Gold Award"

11/4/13 -- Manhattan Magazine -- "Goodwill Hunting", featuring an interview with NYSPCC Board Member, Valesca Guerrand-Herm├Ęs

10/24/13 -- NY1 -- "Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe While Trick Or Treating"

10/17/13 -- -- "Child Pornography: Basic Facts About a Horrific Crime"

9/27/13 - -- "Home Alone After School: Is Your Child Ready?"

8/19/13 - -- "Back to School: Policies and Procedures Parents Should Ask About"

7/30/13 -- -- "How and When to Talk to Your Kids About Inappropriate Touching" 

7/12/13 -- -- "Talking to Your Child About Sexual Abuse: When Do You Do It and What Do You Say?"

7/10/13 -- Metro New York -- "Questions to ask before sending children to summer camp"

7/3/13 -- -- "7 Tips for Hiring After-School Child Care" 

6/24/13 - -- "Summer in the City: Safety Tips for Parents" 

6/21/13 - -- "Summer Safety Tips For Your Children"

6/17/13 - -- "Parent Alert: Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe this Summer"

4/4/13 - New York Magazine -- "400 Years of Kids in the News"

3/22/13 - -- "Social Media Gone Awry: Tips for Teens to Stay Safe"

1/22/13 - -- "Gun Violence, Car Accidents and Fires: Leading Causes of Injury Deaths Among NYC Children"

1/4/13 - -- "Supporting First Responders to Children's Trauma"


2012 Press

12/17/12 - -- "Talking to Your Child About the Shooting in Newtown, CT"

9/21/12 - - "Child Sexual Abuse: Please Act If You Suspect a Child Is at Risk"

9/21/12 - -- "5 Halloween Safety Tips for Parents"

9/11/12 - METRO New York - "How to talk to kids about 9/11"

9/7/12 - - "9/11 Anniversary Reactions -- Still Normal After All These Years"

7/23/12 - - "Talking to Your Child About the Dark Knight Shooting in Colorado"

7/13/12 - - "Child abuse: What to do if you think a child is in danger"

6/22/12 - - "Walking Alone: When is My Child Ready?"

6/14/12 - - "Internet Predators: Parents, Monitor Your Children!"

6/7/12 - - "The Anxiety of Hiring a Nanny: Tips for the Screening Process"

5/23/12 - - "Summer Camp Safety: Essential Questions Parents Should Ask"

4/26/12 - - "Novelist Sapphire on Child Abuse: "We Need to Come Out of Denial"

4/19/12 - - "My Child Is The Bully: Tips for Parents" Click here to read

4/16/12  - - "Teaching Children and Parents About Child Sexual Abuse Prevention With the Safe Touches Program" Click here to read

4/12/12 - NY1 Interview with Shelley Goldberg: Helpful Tips for Dealing with School Bullies Click here to watch

4/10/12 - METRO New York - "What to do if you suspect child abuse" Click here to read

4/5/12-Article in Clinical Social Work Journal, published on 
The Ripple Effect:  Lessons Learned About Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Clinicians Responding to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks Click here to view

3/20/12-Huffington Post article:  Protecting Your Child After a Disclosure of Sexual Abuse:  What Parents Need to Know  Click here to view

1/12/12- Huffington Post article: Is My Child Being Bullied? Action Steps for Parents Click here to view

1/11/12-Interview on television station NY1 on how parents can help children with bullying  Click here to view


2011 Press

11/19/11-Commentary in regarding victim disclosures of child sexual abuse in relation to the Syracuse University sexual abuse scandal  Click here to view

11/17/11-Interview on television station NY1 on keeping children safe from sexual abuse--important information for parents in light of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal  Click here to view

10/28/11-Huffington Post article on infant sleep safety  Click here to view

10/5/11-Huffington Post article on Halloween safety tips  Click here to view

9/27/11-CBS News interview with commentary on Georgia infant death due to "vegan" diet  Click here to view 

9/9/11-Huffington Post article on children's reactions to the anniversay of the  September 11 attacks  Click here to view 

9/2/11-ABC News interview on talking to your children about the September 11 attacks   Click here to view